Ukraine Relief Project: helping war refugees arriving in Moldova





Ukraine Relief Project:

helping war refugees arriving in Moldova


Partnership for Ukraine Relief: Baptist Church of Cantemir – Cityside Education and Missions

Today it is our joy to introduce to you some of the most godly and dedicated people of God serving at the Tudora border crossing between Ukraine and Rep. of Moldova: pastor Volodea Boncev (the leftmost in the photo) and his team from the Baptist Church of Cantemir.

At the end of the ‘80s, Volodea and his young wife Virginia were studying engineering and music in Moscow. They were Moldavians, but received scholarships as they were among the brightest students. In her last year of studies, Virginia won first prize at the violin competition of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. She was immediately offered to be part of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. The future looked bright. 

God also started to work in their heart and soon they received Christ and they immediately started to share the Gospel with their peers. This “ruined” everything. They lost all privileges and returned to their little town of Cantemir, Moldova. But God … how we love these words: but God had an amazing plan. Very soon the Soviet Union collapsed and their academic degrees and also their testimony made them a moral authority in Cantemir. People listen and open their hearts if they see a Daniel who is without compromise and humble .. and brother Volodea is one of them!

Sister Virginia started a music school and almost every child in Cantemir study an instrument. People in the region are sending their children to this school. Brother Volodea planted a church which is a wonderful comfort for the community. Since 1992, brother Volodea is doing missionary work in the region and has been involved in many social projects. Above all, there is no social project without sharing of the Gospel. Brother Volodea loves God and is definitely not ashamed of the Gospel. He can preach fluently in Romanian and Russian.

Why all this long story? 

  • First, because he is one of the biggest encouragement for us as a man without compromise and resilient on the long-haul. 
  • Second, because although he is in his 60s and almost died last year of Covid, since the war started in Ukraine, he is providing food for the refugees and transporting them to the Romanian border where Romanian partner churches and others take over the refugees into Romania. By the time they arrive here the refugees have heard the Gospel. Brother Volodea is redeeming even the waiting times at the border and evangelizing other drivers from the Red Cross or state organizations.
  • Third, because almost ⅓ of our funds went to this team.


Special message from Cantemir Baptist Church Mission Team written after their last trip to the Ukrainian border

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

With grateful hearts we are writing this letter. Along with other 6 people from our Church of Cantemir (Republic of Moldova) we were able to serve at the Palanca crossing – the village at the Ukrainian border. The funds we received from you helped our congregation to be better prepared for this trip. This time the ladies of our Church cooked several big jars of cabbage rolls and pies. We also loaded the van with drinking water, tea bags, sugar, fruits and most importantly with hundreds of New Testament and Bibles.

At the border when meeting Ukrainian refugees we offered them cooked food and warm drinks and snacks. While waiting we approached them and shared with them the Gospel. Our pastor preached the Word of God in different buses that were loaded with refugees. We shared the Word with refugees, with local border patrol and also some international humanitarian workers from Israel and France. Some people were paying attention to the Word and were asking questions. Others were believers and were so excited to meet us and hear the Gospel and some other people rejected us. The people of our Church were able to give away several hundreds of New Testament and Bibles. What an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel in such times to people from so many paths of life.

Another part of the funds you shared with us helped pay for transportation of 2 big buses of refugees from the border to the Capital and to the Romanian border (for the refugees that wanted to transit our country).

With our Church we will continue returning to the border one time every week, providing refugees with cooked food and sharing Bibles and God’s Word. The funds you sent us will help us go many times and help many refugees that are escaping from terror and tragedy.

Cityside Education and Missions, thank you so much for your support!

To God be all the glory!!!






Gifts of all sizes bolster the collective strength of the Ukraine Relief Fund. You can help the Ukrainian refugees by joining the group of people who faithfully have financially supported our missionaries on the ground in the past 22 years and especially now in the past 11 suffering months of war.

There are two ways to give:

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